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Our passion for harnessing the power of clean rainwater started in Texas. Now we’re taking it to the rest of the world.

clean water

From installing rain water capture locations in countries in need to collaborating with municipalities on stateside water crisis, we are committed to partnering with our communities, local and abroad to provide clean water.

Giving back
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We are passionate about ensuring we do what we can to help our neighbors in need. We donate portions of proceeds to non profits focused on clean water and education as well as collaborate with partners to provide clean rain solutions to global communities.

Planning for
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better future

Richard’s is on a path to remain the most sustainable water company in the world. Rainwater is a valuable renewable resource of water that can serve communities around the world. We are committed to short distance travel, zero waste purification, and responsible packaging.

Providing clean water for those who need it most.


The Gazelle Foundation is committed to changing how Burundians access clean water. Learn how you can help.

The Nobelity Project

Focus on educational and environmental progress in East Africa, Latin America and at home in Central Texas.

The Andy

ARF creates new chances for underprivileged children to grow in literacy, STEM, art and sports. Learn how you can support.

Join the rainwater movement.

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