100% Rain: Refreshing, renewable, and the only ingredient we use in our water.

Caught clean

We catch rain before it touches the ground and we never treat it with chemicals. That means using significantly less energy and not depleting the local water supply.

Bottled fresh

Capturing rain straight from the clouds means the freshest water possible and a difference you can taste.

Local everywhere

We harvest rain and commit to shipping it the least distance possible. It’s a key part of our promise to be the most sustainable water company in the world.

Drink the Rain. Save the Planet.

Why Rain? Because everyone deserves access to clean water, and rain is a 100% renewable source available everywhere.

Richard started with a quest to get cleaner, better-tasting water for a ranch near Austin,TX in 1994. His dream has grown into a movement to provide clean, great-tasting water for everyone, everywhere.

From cloud to bottle

Still Rainwater (Cans)

Case of 24 | 16oz Aluminum Cans

Still Rainwater (Bottles)

Case of 12 | 750ml Glass Bottles

Sparkling Rainwater

Case of 24 | 12oz Glass Bottles

Join the rainwater

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful about what we buy.” A quote from an environmental activist we all love, @emmawatson.
Pumping water from the aquifers beneath our feet takes directly from the lakes, rivers and roots of our plants - it's stealing from and causing great harm to our planet. Drinking rainwater means leaving that water for nature, so you and our planet can both stay hydrated. #drinktherain We absolutely love partnering with other local businesses and @elarroyo_atx is one we’re truly proud to be working with! The legendary Austin staple is putting in admirable effort for our community, and being a part of that feels
(and tastes 😜) amazing. If you haven’t ordered one of El Arroyo’s Margs-To-Go, you’re missing out on supporting local, while enjoying a mouth watering margarita on your very own porch! Stay tuned for an upcoming, very special video tutorial on how to ‘Mix Your Marg’ this week! #supportaustin The water shelves are finally restocked at your local HEB and you can find us at most locations throughout the Austin area! Thanks to all the hard work our partners are doing getting products people need back on the shelves! ♥️🌧 #drinktherain Wishing you could go enjoy our local Austin Greenbelt after all this incredible rainfall? Well guys, this is also the very best weather for an at home yoga flow, workout or meditation! 🌧 We’ve been sponsoring the people of our community to bring you daily practices through our IGTV! Let those worries wash away, enjoy the beautiful sounds of tonight’s storm and look forward to seeing a full greenbelt when this all blows over! 🌿 We are in the unique situation of offering a product everyone needs, now and always. However, we recognize that now more than ever, we also need laughter, love and support. We are committed to being here for you and the rest of our ATX community in every way that we can. Our immune system is boosted when hydrated, and when happy! Just because we’re spending more time at home, doesn't mean we can't be happy! We are excited to bring daily music, meditation, exercise and more to lift this community up, directly from people within it. Stay tuned, it all starts tonight at 7pm. One of our favorite things about Austin, Texas is the abundance of nature carved throughout the beautiful city. From Town Lake to Barton Springs and all the creeks woven in between, we are proud to catch 100% Rainwater and leave what's in the ground for our planet.
What’s your favorite spot to enjoy nature around town? There are few things better than a delicious meal with a refreshing glass of water. Sustainability is one of those things.
Drinking delicious, pure Rainwater gives you both. So next time you want to make a move towards sustainability, reach for a Richard’s! Our version of hydration on-the-go!
Capturing rain in a can to bring everyone a 100% renewable resource, in 100% recyclable packaging. All of the portability, no plastic. #drinktherain We’ve been working on something BIG!
As the multi-billion dollar, single use plastic bottling industry continues to feed our planet's serious plastic problem, we say no more. Rainwater is unquestionably the most sustainable source of drinking water, and now we have the packaging to match.
Introducing our crisp, refreshing stillwater, now in cans. What do you think? Looking for a way to make your weekend even better? ☀️
You could win our giveaway with @drinkmoontower and @souppeddler by entering on our last post! -
Winner is announced tomorrow 💧 Free from pollutants, salts, minerals and other man-made contaminants, our promise to quality is as pure as our water.
Click the link in our bio today to learn more! Why is it so important to harvest rain?
Water is the largest natural resource but only 1/3 is accessible for regular use and many aquifers are depleting.
Harvesting rain is truly one of the most sustainable water sources because it doesn’t impact water tables and constantly replenishes itself.
Each time you reach for a Richards, know you are doing something kind for the environment.