Richard's Rainwater's team has been working around the clock to produce and deliver as much water as possible to Austin residents and organizations in need.

Austin's Water Crisis Reveals Deeper Problems - And a Potential Solution

Austin Fit Magazine

Richard’s Rainwater has two things on its agenda: bring delight to consumers while saving the world’s water crisis.

Sparkling and Sustainable


Richard’s Sparking Rainwater, from the Dripping Springs–based company, is pure rainwater turned into bottled bubbles.

Making A Splash

The Austin Chronicle

Richard Heinichen, the first person to legally bottle and sell straight-from-the-sky rainwater, has spent much of the past two decades preaching the gospel of rainwater from 10 acres in Central Texas.

Betting on Cloud Juice

My Business

Talking to Richard Heinichen makes you thirsty. The self-proclaimed mayor of Tank Town is a man-made drinking water expert.

Rain Man

New York Times

EVER tasted a raindrop and wondered, Why doesn't someone bottle this stuff? Well, someone has and called it, aptly, Rain Water.

NY Times
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